Dof, BCAP, and BANK (DBB) motif
SMART accession number:SM01282
Description: The DBB domain is named from the Drosophila (Downstream of FGFR - Dof, also known as Heartbroken or Stumps) protein, the BANKS and BCAP, both signalling in B-cell pathway, proteins. This domain defines a minimal region required for mediating Dof dimerisation. Since this domain can interact both with itself and with a region in the C-terminal part of the molecule, it may mediate either intermolecular or intramolecular interactions PMID:12767830. Mutants lacking this domain disrupt FGFR signal transduction and fibroblast growth-factor signalling PMID:14993266.
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There are 223 DBB domains in 223 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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