FACT complex subunit SPT16 N-terminal lobe domain
SMART accession number:SM01285
Description: The FACT or facilitator of chromatin transcription complex binds to and alters the properties of nucleosomes. This family represents the N-terminal lobe of the NTD, or N-terminal domain, and acts as a protein-protein interaction domain presumably with partners outside of the FACT complex PMID:18089575. Knockout of the whole NTD domain, 1-450 residues in UniProt:P32558 in yeast serves to tender the cells sensitive to DNA replication stress but is not lethal. The C-terminal half of NTD is structurally similar to aminopeptidases, and the most highly conserved surface residues line a cleft equivalent to the aminopeptidase substrate-binding site, family peptidase_M24, (PFAM:PF00557) PMID:18089575
Family alignment:
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There are 473 FACT-Spt16_Nlob domains in 473 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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