HAT (Half-A-TPR) repeats
SMART accession number:SM00386
Description: Present in several RNA-binding proteins. Structurally and sequentially thought to be similar to TPRs.
Interpro abstract (IPR003107):

The HAT (Half A TPR) repeat has a repetitive pattern characterised by three aromatic residues with a conserved spacing. They are structurally and sequentially similar to TPRs (tetratricopeptide repeats), though they lack the highly conserved alanine and glycine residues found in TPRs. The number of HAT repeats found in different proteins varies between 9 and 12. HAT-repeat-containing proteins appear to be components of macromolecular complexes that are required for RNA processing [(PUBMED:9478129)]. The repeats may be involved in protein-protein interactions. The HAT motif has striking structural similarities to HEAT repeats (IPR000357), being of a similar length and consisting of two short helices connected by a loop domain, as in HEAT repeats.

GO process:RNA processing (GO:0006396)
GO component:intracellular (GO:0005622)
Family alignment:
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There are 33550 HAT domains in 4297 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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