Interferon alpha, beta and delta.
SMART accession number:SM00076
Description: Interferons produce antiviral and antiproliferative responses in cells. They are classified into five groups, all of them related but gamma-interferon.
Interpro abstract (IPR000471): Interferons [(PUBMED:3022999)] are proteins which produce antiviral and antiproliferative responses in cells. On the basis of their sequence interferons are classified into five groups: alpha, alpha-II (or omega), beta, delta (or trophoblast). The sequence differences may possibly cause different responses to various inducers, or result in the recognition of different target cell types [(PUBMED:6170983)]. The main conserved structural feature of interferons is a disulphide bond that, except in mouse beta interferon, occurs in all alpha, beta and omega sequences.
GO process:defense response (GO:0006952)
GO component:extracellular region (GO:0005576)
GO function:cytokine receptor binding (GO:0005126)
Family alignment:
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There are 1047 IFabd domains in 1044 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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