Small domain found in the jumonji family of transcription factors
SMART accession number:SM00545
Description: To date, this domain always co-occurs with the JmjC domain (although the reverse is not true).
Interpro abstract (IPR003349):

The JmjN and JmjC domains are two non-adjacent domains which have been identified in the jumonji family of transcription factors. Although it was originally suggested that the JmjN and JmjC domains always co-occur and might form a single functional unit within the folded protein, the JmjC domain (see IPR003347) was latter found without the JmjN domain in organisms from bacteria to human [(PUBMED:10838566), (PUBMED:11165500)].

Family alignment:
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There are 1736 JmjN domains in 1735 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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