The domain within your query sequence starts at position 533 and ends at position 832; the E-value for the M60-like domain shown below is 3.49e-130.



Peptidase M60-like family
SMART accession number:SM01276
Description: This family of peptidases contains a zinc metallopeptidase motif (HEXXHX(8,28)E) and possesses mucinase activity PMID:22299034.
Interpro abstract (IPR031161):

The peptidase family M60 domain belongs to the Merops zincin superfamily of zinc-requiring metalloproteases (clan MA, subclan MA(E)). The peptidase family M60 domain contains the metal-binding consensus motif HExxH. The two histidine residues are ligands of the catalytic Zn(2+) and the glutamic acid residue is involved in nucleophilic attack. An additional conserved glutamic acid is found approximately 20 residues from the first histidine within the metal- binding motif. The second conserved glutamic acid potentially acts as a third proteous Zn(2+) ligand. The peptidase family M60 domain targets complex host glycoproteins, such as mucins [(PUBMED:9343163), (PUBMED:16081094), (PUBMED:16790012), (PUBMED:22238230), (PUBMED:22299034)].

Some proteins known to contain a peptidase family M60 domain are listed below:

  • Baculovirus viral enhancing factor (VEF), also known as Enhancin, a metalloprotease that enhances viral infection by degrading the peritrophic membrane (PM) of the insect midgut.
  • Bacteria enhancin-like metalloproteases.
  • Mammalian FAM115 family proteins.
Family alignment:
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There are 4053 M60-like domains in 4048 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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