Plant invertase/pectin methylesterase inhibitor
SMART accession number:SM00856
Description: This domain inhibits pectin methylesterases (PMEs) and invertases through formation of a non-covalent 1:1 complex (PUBMED:8521860). It has been implicated in the regulation of fruit development, carbohydrate metabolism and cell wall extension. It may also be involved in inhibiting microbial pathogen PMEs. It has been observed that it is often expressed as a large inactive preprotein (PUBMED:8521860). It is also found at the N-termini of PMEs predicted from DNA sequences, suggesting that both PMEs and their inhibitors are expressed as a single polyprotein and subsequently processed. It has two disulphide bridges and is mainly alpha-helical (PUBMED:10880981).
Interpro abstract (IPR006501):

This entry describes a plant domain of about 200 amino acids, characterised by four conserved Cys residues, shown in a pectinesterase inhibitor from Kiwi to form two disulfide bonds: first to second and third to fourth. Roughly half the members of this family have the region described by this entry followed immediately by a pectinesterase domain, IPR000070. This suggests that the pairing of the enzymatic domain and its inhibitor reflects a conserved regulatory mechanism for this enzyme family [(PUBMED:10880981)].

GO function:enzyme inhibitor activity (GO:0004857), pectinesterase activity (GO:0030599)
Family alignment:
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There are 1852 PMEI domains in 1835 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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