The domain within your query sequence starts at position 28 and ends at position 218; the E-value for the Arv1 domain shown below is 8.4e-68.



PFAM accession number:PF04161
Interpro abstract (IPR007290):

Arv1 is a transmembrane protein, with potential zinc-binding motifs, that mediates sterol homeostasis. Its action is important in lipid homeostasis, which prevents free sterol toxicity [ (PUBMED:11063737) ]. Arv1 contains a homology domain (AHD), which consists of an N-terminal cysteine-rich subdomain with a putative zinc-binding motif, followed by a C-terminal subdomain of 33 amino acids. The C-terminal subdomain of the AHD is critical for the protein's function [ (PUBMED:16725371) ]. In yeast, Arv1p is important for the delivery of an early glycosylphosphatidylinositol GPI intermediate, GlcN-acylPI, to the first mannosyltransferase of GPI synthesis in the ER lumen [ (PUBMED:18287539) ]. It is important for the traffic of sterol in yeast and in humans. In eukaryotic cells, it may fuction in the sphingolipid metabolic pathway as a transporter of ceramides between the ER and Golgi [ (PUBMED:12145310) ]. Arabidopsis thaliana has been shown to encode 2 ARV proteins (ARV1 and ARV2) both of which contain the AHD domain. This family also includes ARV2 from A. thaliana [ (PUBMED:16725371) ].

GO process:intracellular sterol transport (GO:0032366)

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