The domain within your query sequence starts at position 51 and ends at position 189; the E-value for the DSPn domain shown below is 3.4e-57.



PFAM accession number:PF14671
Interpro abstract (IPR029260):

The active core of the dual specificity protein phosphatase is made up of two globular domains both with the DSP-like fold. This domain represents the N-terminal half of the core (DSPn). These domains are arranged in tandem, and are associated via an extensive interface to form a single globular whole.

The conserved PTP signature motif (Cys-[X]5-Arg) that defines the catalytic centre of all PTP-family members is located within the C-terminal domain, DSPc . Although the centre of the catalytic site is formed from DSPc, two loops from the N-terminal domain, DSPn, also contribute to the catalytic site, facilitating peptide substrate specificity [ (PUBMED:12853468) ].

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