The domain within your query sequence starts at position 29 and ends at position 197; the E-value for the LAT2 domain shown below is 6.6e-82.



PFAM accession number:PF15703
Interpro abstract (IPR031428): The adaptor protein linker activator of T-cells 2 (LAT2), also called non-T-cell activation linker (NTAL), linker activator for B-cells (LAB) or Williams Beuren Syndrome critical region 5 (WBSCR5), is expressed in various myeloid and lymphoid cells [(PUBMED:16160011)]. Given the wide expression pattern, it may modulate signalling in most types of leukocytes [(PUBMED:20643813)]. It has been shown to be involved in immunoreceptor signaling [(PUBMED:12486104)], B cell activation [(PUBMED:12514734)], negative regulation of T cell activation [(PUBMED:17081783)], and regulation of mast cell physiology [(PUBMED:25153696)].
GO process:B cell activation (GO:0042113), immune response-regulating signaling pathway (GO:0002764)

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