PFAM accession number:PF03775
Interpro abstract (IPR005526):

In Escherichia coli, three Min proteins (MinC, MinD and MinE) negatively regulate FtsZ assembly at the cell poles in order to ensure the Z-ring only assembles at cell midpoint. MinC inhibits formation of the Z-ring by preventing FtsZ assembly. MinD binds to MinC near the cell poles, sequestering MinC away from the cell midpoint so the Z-ring can form there. MinC is an oligomer, probably a dimer, that consists of two domains: the N-terminal domain is responsible for FtsZ inhibition, while the C-terminal domain is responsible for binding to MinD and to a component of the division septum [ (PUBMED:10869074) (PUBMED:17085577) ].

GO process:cell morphogenesis (GO:0000902)

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