PFAM accession number:PF05209
Interpro abstract (IPR007874):

In Escherichia coli FtsZ ( P0A9A6 ) assembles into a Z ring at midcell. Its assembly at polar sites is prevented by the min system. MinC P18196 a component of this system, is an inhibitor of FtsZ assembly that is positioned within the cell by interaction with the MinDE proteins. MinC is an oligomer, probably a dimer [ (PUBMED:10869074) ]. The C-terminal half of MinC is the most conserved and interacts with MinD. The N-terminal half is thought to interact with FtsZ. MinC rapidly oscillates between the poles of the cell to destabilise FtsZ filaments that have formed before they mature into polar Z rings

GO process:regulation of cell division (GO:0051302)

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