The domain within your query sequence starts at position 2 and ends at position 270; the E-value for the PAXNEB domain shown below is 9.1e-69.



PFAM accession number:PF05625
Interpro abstract (IPR008728):

Elongator is a 6 subunit protein complex highly conserved in eukaryotes. The human Elongator six-subunit complex, known as holo-Elongator, has histone acetyltransferase activity directed against histone H3 and H4 [ (PUBMED:11714725) (PUBMED:11904415) ]. It consists of two subcomplexes, a core subcomplex (ELP1-3), and an accessory subcomplex (ELP4-6) [ (PUBMED:22556426) ]. The elongator complex has been associated with many cellular activities, including transcriptional elongation [ (PUBMED:10024884) (PUBMED:11689709) ], but its main function is tRNA modification [ (PUBMED:15769872) (PUBMED:23165209) ]. It is required for the formation of 5-methoxy-carbonylmethyl (mcm5) and 5-carbamoylmethyl (ncm5) groups on uridine nucleosides present at the wobble position of many tRNAs [ (PUBMED:22889844) ].

This entry represents the ELP4 subunit. Mammalian ELP4 gene is implicated in rolandic epilepsy [ (PUBMED:19172991) ].

GO process:tRNA wobble uridine modification (GO:0002098)
GO component:Elongator holoenzyme complex (GO:0033588)

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