The domain within your query sequence starts at position 426 and ends at position 458; the E-value for the Peptidase_S68 domain shown below is 5.2e-21.



PFAM accession number:PF10461
Interpro abstract (IPR019502):

This entry contains serine peptidases belonging to MEROPS peptidase family S68 (PIDD auto-processing protein, clan S-). These proteins are known as Pidd (short for p53-induced protein with a death domain) proteins [ (PUBMED:10973264) ]. Pidd forms a complex with Raidd and procaspase-2 that is known as the 'Piddosome'. The Piddosome forms when DNA damage occurs and either activates NF-kappaB, leading to cell survival, or caspase-2, which leads to apoptosis [ (PUBMED:16360037) (PUBMED:15073321) ].

GO process:cellular response to DNA damage stimulus (GO:0006974), apoptotic process (GO:0006915)

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