The domain within your query sequence starts at position 59 and ends at position 300; the E-value for the Rib_hydrolayse domain shown below is 2.9e-104.



PFAM accession number:PF02267
Interpro abstract (IPR003193):

CD38, the HUGO gene name, is also called T10 or ADP-ribosyl cyclase/cyclic ADP-ribose hydrolase (EC CD38 is a novel enzyme capable of catalysing multiple reactions, including NAD glycohydrolase, ADP-ribosyl cyclase, cyclic ADP ribose hydrolase and base-exchange activities. Two of the enzymatic products, cyclic ADP-ribose (cADPR) and nicotinic acid adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NAADP), are calcium messengers in a wide variety of cells from protist, plant, and mammal to human. CD38 is a positive and negative regulator of cell activation and proliferation, depending on the cellular environment. It is involved in adhesion between human lymphocytes and endothelial cells and is involved in the metabolism of two calcium messengers, cADPR and NAADP.

CD157 (also called BP-3/IF-7, BST-1 or Mo5) has ADP-ribosyl cyclase and cyclic ADP-ribose hydrolase activities. CD157 supports the growth of a pre-B cell line, DW34. Anti-CD157 mAb IF-7 has synergistic effects on anti-CD3-induced growth of T progenitor cells, and facilitates the development of [alpha][beta] TCR+ cells in foetal thymic organ culture system.

GO function:NAD+ nucleosidase activity (GO:0003953)

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