The domain within your query sequence starts at position 76 and ends at position 261; the E-value for the SAP25 domain shown below is 1.8e-77.



PFAM accession number:PF15476
Interpro abstract (IPR029163):

In mammals, SAP25 is involved in the transcriptional repression mediated by the mSIN3 complex, which consists of at least SAP30, SAP45/Sds3, SAP130, SAP180/BCAA, RBP1, HDAC1 (histone deacetylase1), HDAC2, RbAp46, and RbAp48 [(PUBMED:2259223)]. The mSIN3 complex can be recruited by sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factors and chromatin-binding proteins to specific regions of the genome and regulate their transcription [(PUBMED:2259223)]. SAP25 binds to the the PAH1 domain of mSin3A and changes the conformation of the complex that affects its protein-protein interaction [(PUBMED:2259223)]. SAP25 can be actively exported from the nucleus to cytoplasm by a CRM1-dependent nuclear export pathway. Its localisation is regulated by promyelocytic leukemia protein (PML), which induces a nuclear accumulation of SAP25 [(PUBMED:16449650)].

GO process:regulation of transcription, DNA-templated (GO:0006355)
GO component:nucleus (GO:0005634), cytoplasm (GO:0005737)

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