PFAM accession number:PF03846
Interpro abstract (IPR004596):

All proteins in this family for which the functions are known are cell division inhibitors. In Escherichia coli, SulA is one of the SOS regulated genes. Accumulation of SulA causes rapid cessation of cell division and the appearance of long, non-septate filaments. In the presence of GTP, SulA binds a polymerisation-competent form of ftsZ in a 1:1 ratio, thus inhibiting ftsZ polymerisation and therefore preventing it from participating in the assembly of the Z ring. This mechanism prevents the premature segregation of damaged DNA to daughter cells during cell division. The expression of SulA is repressed by LexA. The N terminus of SulA may be involved in recognising the cell division apparatus.

GO process:SOS response (GO:0009432), negative regulation of cell division (GO:0051782)

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