PFAM accession number:PF04354
Interpro abstract (IPR007449):

This entry represents the ZipA C-terminal domain. ZipA, a membrane-anchored protein, is an essential cell division protein involved in septum formation [ (PUBMED:9008158) (PUBMED:9864327) ]. FtsA and the C-terminal domain of ZipA bind FtsZ, a homologue of eukaryotic tubulins and a major component of the bacterial septal ring [ (PUBMED:10209756) ], at the prospective division site. This is followed by the sequential addition of FtsK, FtsQ, FtsL, FtsW, FtsI, and FtsN [ (PUBMED:11163134) (PUBMED:11948172) (PUBMED:11847116) ]. ZipA contains three domains: a short N-terminal membrane-anchored domain, a central P/Q domain that is rich in proline and glutamine and a C-terminal domain, which comprises almost half the protein. The structure of the C-terminal domain is an alpha-beta fold with three alpha helices and a beta sheet of six antiparallel beta strands. The major loops protruding from the beta sheet surface are thought to form a binding site for FtsZ [ (PUBMED:10924108) ].

GO process:cell septum assembly (GO:0090529)

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