Four-disulfide core domains
SMART accession number:SM00217
Description: -
Interpro abstract (IPR008197):

The four-disulfide core (4-DSC) or WAP domain comprises 8 cysteine residues involved in disulfide bonds in a conserved arrangement [(PUBMED:6896234)]. The four disulphide core containing Whey Acidic Proteins (WAP) are the major whey proteins in the milk of many mammals and are considered to be the prototypic members of the family. However the WAP domain is not exclusive to WAP proteins, but it is found in many other proteins, a number of which have been shown to exhibit antiproteinase function [(PUBMED:11965550)].

One or more of the WAP domains occur in the WDNM1 protein, which is involved in the metastatic potential of adenocarcinomas in rats [(PUBMED:3136918)]; Kallmann syndrome protein [(PUBMED:1913827)]; caltrin-like protein II from guinea pig [(PUBMED:2324101)], which inhibits calcium transport into spermatozoa; and elafin, a serine elastase inhibitor which belongs to MEROPS inhibitor family I17 [(PUBMED:2394696)].

GO component:extracellular region (GO:0005576)
GO function:peptidase inhibitor activity (GO:0030414)
Family alignment:
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There are 3247 WAP domains in 2155 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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