diguanylate cyclase
SMART accession number:SM00267
Description: Diguanylate cyclase, present in a variety of bacteria.
Interpro abstract (IPR000160):

The GGDEF domain, which has been named after the conserved central sequence pattern GG[DE][DE]F is widespread in prokaryotes. It is typically present in multidomain proteins containing regulatory domains of signaling pathways or protein-protein or protein-ligand interaction modules, such as the response regulatory domain, the PAS/PAC domain, the HAMP domain, the GAF domain, the FHA domain or the TPR repeat. However a few single-domain proteins are also known. The GGDEF domain is involved in signal transduction and is likely to catalyze synthesis or hydrolysis of cyclic diguanylate (c-diGMP, bis(3',5')-cyclic diguanylic acid), an effector molecule that consists of two cGMP moieties bound head-to-tail [ (PUBMED:11557134) (PUBMED:11682196) (PUBMED:11119645) ].

Structural studies of PleD from Caulobacter crescentus show that this domain forms a five-stranded beta sheet surrounded by helices, similar to the catalytic core of adenylate cyclase [ (PUBMED:15569936) ].

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There are 251213 GGDEF domains in 250015 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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