tob/btg1 family
SMART accession number:SM00099
Description: The tob/btg1 is a family of proteins that inhibit cell proliferation.
Interpro abstract (IPR002087): Anti-proliferative proteins have been shown to include mammalian and avian protein BTG1 (which appears to be involved in negative regulation of cell proliferation) and rat/mouse NGF-inducible protein PC3/TIS21 (BTG2) [(PUBMED:1373383), (PUBMED:8325512), (PUBMED:1849653)]. These proteins have from 158 to 363 amino acid residues, that are highly similar and include 3 conserved cysteine residues. BTG2 seems to have a signal sequence; while the other proteins may lack such a domain. The sequence of the N-terminal half of these proteins is well conserved.
Family alignment:
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There are 474 btg1 domains in 474 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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