The domain within your query sequence starts at position 44 and ends at position 75; the E-value for the TUDOR domain shown below is 7e-13.


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Tudor domain
SMART accession number:SM00333
Description: Domain of unknown function present in several RNA-binding proteins. 10 copies in the Drosophila Tudor protein. Initial proposal that the survival motor neuron gene product contain a Tudor domain are corroborated by more recent database search techniques such as PSI-BLAST (unpublished).
Interpro abstract (IPR002999):

The drosophila tudor protein is encoded by a 'posterior group' gene, which when mutated disrupt normal abdominal segmentation and pole cell formation. Another drosophila gene, homeless, is required for RNA localization during oogenesis. The tudor protein contains multiple repeats of a domain which is also found in homeless [ (PUBMED:9048482) ].

The tudor domain is found in many proteins that colocalise with ribonucleoprotein or single-strand DNA-associated complexes in the nucleus, in the mitochondrial membrane, or at kinetochores. It is not known whether the domain binds directly to RNA and ssDNA, or controls interactions with the nucleoprotein complexes. At least one tudor-containing protein, homeless, also contains a zinc finger typical of RNA-binding proteins [ (PUBMED:9048482) ].

The resolution of the solution structure of the Tudor domain of human SMN revealed that the Tudor domain forms a strongly bent antiparallel beta-sheet with five strands forming a barrel-like fold. The structure exhibits a conserved negatively charged surface that interacts with the C-terminal Arg and Gly-rich tails of the spliceosomal Sm D1 and D3 proteins [ (PUBMED:11135666) ].

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There are 29516 TUDOR domains in 14574 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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