The domain within your query sequence starts at position 94 and ends at position 237; the E-value for the CPDc domain shown below is 1.67e-79.

All catalytic sites are present in this domain. Check the literature (PubMed 22050624 ) for details.



catalytic domain of ctd-like phosphatases
SMART accession number:SM00577
Description: -
Interpro abstract (IPR004274):

Yeast FCP1 is an essential protein serine phosphatase ( EC ) that dephosphorylates the C-terminal domain (CTD) of RNA polymerase II. FCP1 orthologs are present in all known eukaryote proteomes. The N-terminal domain of FCP1 corresponds to the catalytic unit of the phosphatase and has been refered to as the FCP1 homology domain. The FCP1 homology domain, which is a ~180-residue module, is also found in many other proteins of unknown function. It contains a DxDx(T/V) motif preceded by four hydrophobic residues characteristic of a large family of metal-dependent phosphohydrolases and phosphotransferases. The first aspartate residue is likely to participate in catalysis, whereas the second could have a role in substrate recognition [ (PUBMED:9405607) (PUBMED:10445027) (PUBMED:12556522) (PUBMED:10385623) ].

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There are 13391 CPDc domains in 13352 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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