The domain within your query sequence starts at position 741 and ends at position 855; the E-value for the 4_1_CTD domain shown below is 3.5e-57.



PFAM accession number:PF05902
Interpro abstract (IPR008379):

There is a unique sequence domain at the C terminus of all known 4.1 proteins, known as the C-terminal domain (CTD). Mammalian CTDs are associated with a growing number of protein-protein interactions, although such activities have yet to be associated with invertebrate CTDs. Mammalian CTDs are generally defined by sequence alignment as encoded by exons 18-21. Comparison of known vertebrate 4.1 proteins with invertebrate 4.1 proteins indicates that mammalian 4.1 exon 19 represents a vertebrate adaptation that extends the sequence of the CTD with a Ser/Thr-rich sequence. The CTD was first described as a 22/24kDa domain by chymotryptic digestion of erythrocyte 4.1 (4.1R). CTD is thought to represent an independent folding structure which has gained function since the divergence of vertebrates from invertebrates [ (PUBMED:11432737) ].

GO component:cytoskeleton (GO:0005856)
GO function:structural molecule activity (GO:0005198), actin binding (GO:0003779)

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