The domain within your query sequence starts at position 20 and ends at position 192; the E-value for the Calcipressin domain shown below is 1.2e-62.



PFAM accession number:PF04847
Interpro abstract (IPR006931):

Calcipressins (RCANs) are a novel family of calcineurin regulators that have been suggested as key factors contributing to Down syndrome in humans. Three human calcipressins have been identified, calcipressin 1-3. Calcipressin 1 is also known as modulatory calcineurin-interacting protein 1 (MCIP1), Adapt78 and Down syndrome critical region 1 (DSCR1). Calcipressin 2 is variously known as MCIP2, ZAKI-4 and DSCR1-like 1. Calcipressin 3 is also called MCIP3 and DSCR1-like 2 [ (PUBMED:12942079) ]. Calcipressins contain an N-terminal RNA recognition motif (RRM), a highly conserved SP repeat domain containing the phosphorylation site by GSK-3, a well-known PxIxIT motif responsible for docking many substrates to calcineurin, and a C-terminal TxxP motif [ (PUBMED:19273587) ].

Calcineurin is a calcium-responsive enzyme that dephosphorylates the nuclear factor of activated T cells (NFAT). In doing so, it promotes its nuclear translocation and uniquely links calcium signalling to transcriptional regulation [ (PUBMED:12942079) ].

GO process:calcium-mediated signaling (GO:0019722)

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