The domain within your query sequence starts at position 24 and ends at position 71; the E-value for the ESP domain shown below is 9.4e-9.



PFAM accession number:PF16590
Interpro abstract (IPR032253):

Exocrine gland-secreting peptide Esp1 is produced by the rodent male extraorbital lacrimal gland to be secreted into the tear fluid. Other mice including females detect these peptides through receptors in the vomeronasal organ, and the receptors report information on mouse-strain, sex and species [ (PUBMED:17935991) (PUBMED:20596023) (PUBMED:23576433) ]. Esp22 is produced by juveniles and functions as a mating inhibitor [ (PUBMED:24089208) ]. The peptides are short, all carrying an N-terminal signal peptide to indicate they are for secretion which accounts for much of the common conservation.

GO component:extracellular space (GO:0005615)
GO function:pheromone activity (GO:0005186)

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