The domain within your query sequence starts at position 17 and ends at position 113; the E-value for the Got1 domain shown below is 2e-20.



PFAM accession number:PF04178
Interpro abstract (IPR007305):

Traffic through the yeast Golgi complex depends on a member of the syntaxin family of SNARE proteins, Sed5, present in early Golgi cisternae. Got1 is thought to facilitate Sed5-dependent fusion events [ (PUBMED:10406798) ]. This is a family of sequences derived from eukaryotic proteins. They are similar to a region of a SNARE-like protein required for traffic through the Golgi complex, SFT2 protein ( P38166 ) [ (PUBMED:7596416) ]. This is a conserved protein with four putative transmembrane helices, thought to be involved in vesicular transport in later Golgi compartments [ (PUBMED:10406798) ].

GO process:vesicle-mediated transport (GO:0016192)

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