The domain within your query sequence starts at position 19 and ends at position 184; the E-value for the Keratin_2_head domain shown below is 7.5e-35.



PFAM accession number:PF16208
Interpro abstract (IPR032444):

All intermediate filament proteins feature a central alpha-helical rod domain and variable nonhelical domains located at the N-terminal (head) and C-terminal (tail). The central rod domain is the main driver of self-assembly into filaments, whereas the N- and C-terminal domains are involved in post-translational modifications and interactions with other proteins [ (PUBMED:16710422) ]. Type I and type II keratin form heteropolymeric intermediate filaments providing vital mechanical support in epithelia [ (PUBMED:22705788) ]. This entry represents the N-terminal domain (head) of type II keratins.

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