The domain within your query sequence starts at position 23 and ends at position 167; the E-value for the Leptin domain shown below is 5.8e-71.



PFAM accession number:PF02024
Interpro abstract (IPR000065):

Leptin, a metabolic monitor of food intake and energy need, is expressed by the ob obesity gene. The protein may function as part of a signalling pathway from adipose tissue that acts to regulate the size of the body fat depot [ (PUBMED:7984236) ], the hormone effectively turning the brain's appetite message off when it senses that the body is satiated. Obese humans have high levels of the protein, suggesting a similarity to type II (adult onset) diabetes, in which sufferers over-produce insulin, but can't respond to it metabolically - they have become insulin resistant. Similarly, it is thought that obese individuals may be leptin resistant.

GO process:signal transduction (GO:0007165)
GO component:extracellular region (GO:0005576)
GO function:hormone activity (GO:0005179)

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