The domain within your query sequence starts at position 257 and ends at position 339; the E-value for the NumbF domain shown below is 4.7e-42.



PFAM accession number:PF06311
Interpro abstract (IPR010449):

This entry represents a domain found in the cell-fate determinant Numb, and in related proteins. In Drosophila, two signalling pathways, one mediated by Numb and the other by Notch, play essential but antagonistic roles in enabling the two daughters to adopt different fates after a wide variety of asymmetric cell divisions [ (PUBMED:16508312) ]. Numb acts to inhibit Notch signalling, this inhibition being critical for many cell fate decisions [ (PUBMED:17116748) ]. Mammalian Numb (mNumb) has multiple functions and plays important roles in the regulation of neural development, including maintenance of neural progenitor cells and promotion of neuronal differentiation in the central nervous system (CNS) [ (PUBMED:16508311) ].

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