The domain within your query sequence starts at position 387 and ends at position 428; the E-value for the P53_tetramer domain shown below is 1.8e-20.



PFAM accession number:PF07710
Interpro abstract (IPR010991):

The p53 protein is a tetrameric transcription factor that plays a central role in the prevention of neoplastic transformation [ (PUBMED:7878469) ]. Oligomerization appears to be essential for the tumour suppressing activity of p53. p53 can be divided into different functional domains: an N-terminal transactivation domain, a proline-rich domain, a DNA-binding domain ( IPR008967 ), a tetramerisation domain and a C-terminal regulatory region. The tetramerisation domain of human p53 extends from residues 325 to 356, and has a 4-helical bundle fold. The tetramerisation domain is essential for DNA binding, protein-protein interactions, post-translational modifications, and p53 degradation [ (PUBMED:11420672) ].

GO process:protein tetramerization (GO:0051262)

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