The domain within your query sequence starts at position 8 and ends at position 163; the E-value for the RIC1 domain shown below is 1.4e-60.



PFAM accession number:PF07064
Interpro abstract (IPR009771):

This entry represents RIC1 (Ribosomal control protein1) and has been identified in yeast as a Golgi protein involved in retrograde transport to the cis-Golgi network. It forms a heterodimer with Rgp1 and functions as a guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor [ (PUBMED:10990452) ] which activates YPT6 by exchanging bound GDP for free GTP. RIC1 is thereby required for efficient fusion of endosome-derived vesicles with the Golgi. The RIC1-RGP1 complex participates in the recycling of SNC1, presumably by mediating fusion of endosomal vesicles with the Golgi compartment and may also be indirectly involved in the transcription of both ribosomal protein genes and ribosomal RNA [ (PUBMED:10990452) (PUBMED:11689439) (PUBMED:11160819) ].

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