The domain within your query sequence starts at position 26 and ends at position 210; the E-value for the SNAPc_SNAP43 domain shown below is 4.5e-65.



PFAM accession number:PF09808
Interpro abstract (IPR019188):

Members of this family are part of the SNAPc complex required for the transcription of both RNA polymerase II and III small-nuclear RNA genes. They bind to the proximal sequence element (PSE), a non-TATA-box basal promoter element common to these 2 types of genes. Furthermore, they also recruit TBP and BRF2 to the U6 snRNA TATA box. SNAPc consists of at least four stably associated subunits, SNAP43, SNAP45, SNAP50, and SNAP190. None of the three small subunits can bind to the PSE on their own [ (PUBMED:9418884) ].

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