The domain within your query sequence starts at position 19 and ends at position 272; the E-value for the Strabismus domain shown below is 5e-115.



PFAM accession number:PF06638
Interpro abstract (IPR009539):

VANGL proteins play important roles in the establishment of planar cell polarity (PCP) [ (PUBMED:24981109) ]. Vangl2 is required for retinal axon guidance [ (PUBMED:25990804) ], kidney-branching morphogenesis and glomerular maturation [ (PUBMED:20843830) ]. It also plays a role in the orientation of stereociliary bundles in the cochlea and is required for polarization and movement of myocardializing cells in the outflow tract and seems to act via RHOA signaling to regulate this process [ (PUBMED:15637299) ]. It is required for cell surface localization of FZD3 and FZD6 in the inner ear [ (PUBMED:16495441) ].

GO process:multicellular organism development (GO:0007275)
GO component:integral component of membrane (GO:0016021)

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