The domain within your query sequence starts at position 272 and ends at position 460; the E-value for the mRNA_cap_enzyme domain shown below is 1.8e-73.



PFAM accession number:PF01331
Interpro abstract (IPR001339):

This entry represents the ATP binding catalytic domain of the mRNA capping enzyme [ (PUBMED:9160746) ]. The mRNA capping enzyme in yeasts is composed of two separate chains, alpha a mRNA guanyltransferase and beta an RNA 5'-triphosphate. X-ray crystallography reveals a large conformational change during guanyl transfer by mRNA capping enzymes [ (PUBMED:9160746) ]. Binding of the enzyme to nucleotides is specific to the GMP moiety of GTP. The viral mRNA capping enzyme is a monomer that transfers a GMP cap onto the end of mRNA that terminates with a 5'-diphosphate tail.

GO process:7-methylguanosine mRNA capping (GO:0006370)
GO function:mRNA guanylyltransferase activity (GO:0004484)

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