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Somatomedin B -like domains
SMART accession number:SM00201
Description: Somatomedin-B is a peptide, proteolytically excised from vitronectin, that is a growth hormone-dependent serum factor with protease-inhibiting activity.
Interpro abstract (IPR001212):

Somatomedin B (SMB), a serum factor of unknown function, is a small cysteine-rich peptide, derived proteolytically from the N terminus of the cell-substrate adhesion protein vitronectin [ (PUBMED:2447940) ]. Cys-rich somatomedin B-like domains are found in a number of proteins [ (PUBMED:1710108) ], including ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase family member proteins (previously known as plasma-cell membrane glycoprotein) [ (PUBMED:1647027) ] and placental protein 11 (also known as Poly(U)-specific endoribonuclease), which appears to possess amidolytic activity.

The SMB domain of vitronectin has been demonstrated to interact with both the urokinase receptor and the plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) and the conserved cysteines of the NPP1 somatomedin B-like domain have been shown to mediate homodimerisation [ (PUBMED:12533192) ].

The SMB domain contains eight Cys residues, arranged into four disulphide bonds. It has been suggested that the active SMB domain may be permitted considerable disulphide bond heterogeneity or variability, provided that the Cys25-Cys31 disulphide bond is preserved. The three dimensional structure of the SMB domain is extremely compact and the disulphide bonds are packed in the centre of the domain forming a covalently bonded core [ (PUBMED:15157085) ]. The structure of the SMB domain presents a new protein fold, with the only ordered secondary structure being a single-turn alpha-helix and a single-turn 3(10)-helix [ (PUBMED:12808446) ].

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