The domain within your query sequence starts at position 13 and ends at position 128; the E-value for the eIF2B_5 domain shown below is 7.62e-67.



domain present in translation initiation factor eIF2B and eIF5
SMART accession number:SM00653
Description: -
Interpro abstract (IPR002735):

The beta subunit of archaeal and eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 (IF2beta) and the N-terminal domain of translation initiation factor 5 (IF5) show significant sequence homology [ (PUBMED:11980477) ]. Archaeal IF2beta contains two independent structural domains: an N-terminal mixed alpha/beta core domain (topological similarity to the common core of ribosomal proteins L23 and L15e), and a C-terminal domain consisting of a zinc-binding C4 finger [ (PUBMED:14978306) ]. Archaeal IF2beta is a ribosome-dependent GTPase that stimulates the binding of initiator Met-tRNA(i)(Met) to the ribosomes, even in the absence of other factors [ (PUBMED:17608795) ]. The C-terminal domain of eukaryotic IF5 is involved in the formation of the multi-factor complex (MFC), an important intermediate for the 43S pre-initiation complex assembly [ (PUBMED:16781736) ]. IF5 interacts directly with IF1, IF2beta and IF3c, which together with IF2-bound Met-tRNA(i)(Met) form the MFC.

This entry represents both the N-terminal and zinc-binding domains of IF2, as well as a domain in IF5.

GO process:translational initiation (GO:0006413)
GO function:translation initiation factor activity (GO:0003743)
Family alignment:
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There are 2884 eIF2B_5 domains in 2881 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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