SMART annotation of Monosiga brevicollis

This is the main page for the SMART annotation of Monosiga brevicollis genome. Use the Sequence analysis form below to display SMART bubblograms (graphical protein representations) for Monosiga proteins. You can use the full IDs (eg. jgi|Monbr1|97|gw1.5.16.1) or shorter version (in this case, 97 or gw1.5.16.1).

In addition, the 'Architecture analysis' form can be used to look for proteins containing a specific combination of domains using simple boolean logic (eq. you can query for 'TyrKc AND SH3' or 'TyrKc AND NOT SH2'). Protein intrinsic features can be included into the query (use the keyword SIGNAL for signal peptides and TRANS for transmembrane regions). To include Pfam domains into the query add 'Pfam:' in front of their name (eg. 'Pfam:PID AND TyrKc').

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