SMART precomputed results batch retreival

Enter a list of sequence identifiers, separated by newlines. Use standard Swiss-Prot or Ensembl style IDs or ACCs.
You can also paste a set of sequences in FASTA format. There is a limit of 10000 sequences per access. You will only get results for sequences that have a match in SMART database, ie. only precomputed results will be displayed.

For fastest processing, please use a FASTA formated file and upload it using the box on the bottom of this page.

If you are using protein IDs, and want to have substring matching (for example, query ID ACT2_L will match Q6iACT2_LEIXX, ACT2_LUMTE and ACT2_LYTPI), check the corresponding box below the input fields..

Alternatively, you can select a file containing a list of IDs or sequences:


Text-only output

Substring matching for identifiers

include PFAM domains

include signal peptides