The domain within your query sequence starts at position 957 and ends at position 1046; the E-value for the BRCT domain shown below is 3.54e-5.



breast cancer carboxy-terminal domain
SMART accession number:SM00292
Description: -
Interpro abstract (IPR001357):

The breast cancer susceptibility gene contains at its C terminus two copies of a conserved domain that was named BRCT for BRCA1 C terminus. This domain of about 95 amino acids is found in a large variety of proteins involved in DNA repair, recombination and cell cycle control [ (PUBMED:8673121) (PUBMED:9034168) (PUBMED:9000507) ]. The BRCT domain is not limited to the C-terminal of protein sequences and can be found in multiple copies or in a single copy as in RAP1 and TdT. BRCT domains are often found as tandem-repeat pairs [ (PUBMED:15501676) ]. Some data [ (PUBMED:9799248) ] indicate that the BRCT domain functions as a protein-protein interaction module.

The structure of the first of the two C-terminal BRCT domains of the human DNA repair protein XRCC1 has recently been determined by X-ray crystallography [ (PUBMED:9799248) ].

Structures of the BRCA1 BRCT domains revealed a basis for a widely utilised head-to-tail BRCT-BRCT oligomerisation mode [ (PUBMED:11573086) ]. This conserved tandem BRCT architecture facilitates formation of the canonical BRCT phospho-peptide interaction cleft at a groove between the BRCT domains. BRCT domains disrupt peptide binding by directly occluding this peptide binding groove, or by disrupting key conserved BRCT core folding determinants [ (PUBMED:15133503) ].

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There are 72534 BRCT domains in 52588 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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