The domain within your query sequence starts at position 242 and ends at position 331; the E-value for the DoH domain shown below is 7.72e-9.



Possible catecholamine-binding domain present in a variety of eukaryotic proteins.
SMART accession number:SM00664
Description: A predominantly beta-sheet domain present as a regulatory N-terminal domain in dopamine beta-hydroxylase, mono-oxygenase X and SDR2. Its function remains unknown at present (Ponting, Human Molecular Genetics, in press).
Interpro abstract (IPR005018):

The DOMON domain is an 110-125 residue long domain which has been identified in the physiologically important enzyme dopamine beta-monooxygenase and in several other secreted and transmembrane proteins from both plants and animals. It has been named after DOpamine beta-MOnooxygenase N-terminal domain. The DOMON domain can be found in one to four copies and in association with other domains, such as the Cu-ascorbate dependent monooxygenase domain, the epidermal growth factor domain, the trypsin inhibitor-like domain (TIL), the SEA domain and the Reelin domain [ (PUBMED:11551777) ]. The DOMON domain may be involved in heme and sugar recognition [ (PUBMED:17878204) ].

The sequence conservation is predominantly centred around patches of hydrophobic residues. The secondary structure prediction of the DOMON domain points to an all-beta-strand fold with seven or eight core strands supported by a buried core of conserved hydrophobic residues. There is a chraracteristic motif with two small positions (Gly or Ser) corresponding to a conserved turn immediately C-terminal to strand three. It has been proposed that the DOMON domain might form a beta-sandwich structure, with the strands distributed into two beta sheets as is seen in many extracellular adhesion domains such as the immunoglobulin, fibronectin type III, cadherin and PKD domains [ (PUBMED:11551777) ].

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There are 6897 DoH domains in 5840 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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