The domain within your query sequence starts at position 68 and ends at position 252; the E-value for the FBA domain shown below is 2.24e-110.



F-box associated region
SMART accession number:SM01198
Description: Members of this family are associated with F-box domains, hence the name FBA. This domain is probably involved in binding other proteins that will be targeted for ubiquitination. Q9UK22 is involved in binding to N-glycosylated proteins.
Interpro abstract (IPR007397):

F-box proteins have a bipartite structure: they contain a carboxy-terminal domain that interacts with substrates and a 42-48 amino-acid F-box domain which binds to the protein Skp1. A subset of F-box proteins is characterized by a ~180-residue carboxy-terminal region, which has been called the F-box-associated (FBA) domain [ (PUBMED:10531037) (PUBMED:12383498) ]. A FBA domain has also been identified in the catfish, tilapia, and zebrafish nonspecific cytotoxic cell receptor proteins (NCCRP-1), which do not contain the F-box domain. NCCRP-1 may function as an antigen recognition molecule and, as such, may participate in innate immunity in teleosts [ (PUBMED:12383498) (PUBMED:11847564) ]. The FBA domain is likely to be a glycoprotein-binding module [ (PUBMED:12939278) (PUBMED:14990996) ].

This entry represents the FBA domain, which is an ellipsoid composed of a ten-stranded antiparallel beta- sandwich with two alpha-helices [ (PUBMED:14990996) ].

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There are 1891 FBA domains in 1854 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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