The domain within your query sequence starts at position 533 and ends at position 832; the E-value for the M60-like domain shown below is 3.49e-130.



Peptidase M60-like family
SMART accession number:SM01276
Description: This family of peptidases contains a zinc metallopeptidase motif (HEXXHX(8,28)E) and possesses mucinase activity PMID:22299034.
Interpro abstract (IPR031161):

Some proteins known to contain a peptidase family M60 domain are listed below:

  • Baculovirus viral enhancing factor (VEF), also known as Enhancin, a metalloprotease that enhances viral infection by degrading the peritrophic membrane (PM) of the insect midgut.
  • Bacteria enhancin-like metalloproteases.
  • Mammalian FAM115 family proteins.

The peptidase family M60 domain belongs to the Merops zincin superfamily of zinc-requiring metalloproteases (clan MA, subclan MA(E)). The peptidase family M60 domain contains the metal-binding consensus motif HExxH. The two histidine residues are ligands of the catalytic Zn(2) and the glutamic acid residue is involved in nucleophilic attack. An additional conserved glutamic acid is found approximately 20 residues from the first histidine within the metal-binding motif. The second conserved glutamic acid potentially acts as a third proteous Zn(2) ligand. The peptidase family M60 domain targets complex host glycoproteins, such as mucins [ (PUBMED:9343163) (PUBMED:16081094) (PUBMED:16790012) (PUBMED:22238230) (PUBMED:22299034) ].

Family alignment:
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There are 4053 M60-like domains in 4048 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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