The domain within your query sequence starts at position 844 and ends at position 990; the E-value for the MyTH4 domain shown below is 1.8e-42.



Domain in Myosin and Kinesin Tails
SMART accession number:SM00139
Description: Domain present twice in myosin-VIIa, and also present in 3 other myosins.
Interpro abstract (IPR000857):

The microtubule-based kinesin motors and actin-based myosin motors generate movements required for intracellular trafficking, cell division, and muscle contraction. In general, these proteins consist of a motor domain that generates movement and a tail region that varies widely from class to class and is thought to mediate many of the regulatory or cargo binding functions specific to each class of motor [ (PUBMED:11212352) ]. The Myosin Tail Homology 4 (MyTH4) domain has been identified as a conserved domain in the tail domains of several different unconventional myosins [ (PUBMED:11401444) ] and a plant kinesin-like protein [ (PUBMED:1074599) ], but has more recently been found in several non-motor proteins [ (PUBMED:12062040) ]. Although the function is not yet fully understood, there is an evidence that the MyTH4 domain of Myosin-X (Myo10) binds to microtubules and thus could provide a link between an actin-based motor protein and the microtubule cytoskeleton [ (PUBMED:15372037) ].

The MyTH4 domain is found in one or two copies associated with other domains, such as myosin head, kinesin motor, FERM, PH, SH3 and IQ. The domain is predicted to be largely alpha-helical, interrupted by three or four turns. The MyTH4 domain contains four highly conserved regions designated MGD (consensus sequence L(K/R)(F/Y)MGDhP, LRDE (consensus LRDEhYCQhhKQHxxxN), RGW (consensus RGWxLh), and ELEA (RxxPPSxhELEA), where h indicates a hydrophobic residue and x is any residue [ (PUBMED:11401444) ].

GO component:cytoskeleton (GO:0005856)
Family alignment:
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There are 5247 MyTH4 domains in 3186 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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