The domain within your query sequence starts at position 6 and ends at position 89; the E-value for the PYRIN domain shown below is 1.41e-34.



PAAD/DAPIN/Pyrin domain
SMART accession number:SM01289
Description: This domain is predicted to contain 6 alpha helices and to have the same fold as the Death domain SM00005. This similarity may mean that this is a protein-protein interaction domain.
Interpro abstract (IPR004020):

The DAPIN (Domain in Apoptosis and INterferon response) domain is an 80-100- residue domain which is found in the N terminus of diverse vertebrate and vertebrate-specific viral proteins involved in apoptosis, cancer, inflammation, and immune response. The DAPIN domain can be found alone or in association with other domains [ (PUBMED:1166557) (PUBMED:11166558) (PUBMED:11250163) ] like CARD, LRR, SPRY, Caspase or Zinc finger B-box. It has been proposed that the DAPIN domain might have an adaptor function, coupling apoptosis and immune disorders [ (PUBMED:11166557) (PUBMED:11166558) (PUBMED:11250163) ]. It has been shown that the DAPIN domain is a protein-protein interaction domain capable of binding to other DAPIN domains [ (PUBMED:11166557) ].

Secondary structure predictions have identified the DAPIN domain as mostly alpha-helical and it has been suggested that it could belong to the DEATH- domain-fold superfamily, which includes the CARD, the DEATH domain (DD) and the DEATH effector domain (DED) [ (PUBMED:11166557) (PUBMED:11166558) (PUBMED:11250163) ].

The DAPIN domain has also been called pyrin domain, pyrin N-terminal homology domain (PYD) or PAAD (after the protein families pyrin, AIM, ASC death-domain- like) [ (PUBMED:11166558) (PUBMED:11250163) ].

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There are 4728 PYRIN domains in 4335 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.

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