The domain within your query sequence starts at position 198 and ends at position 314; the E-value for the ABC1 domain shown below is 4.9e-34.



PFAM accession number:PF03109
Interpro abstract (IPR004147):

This entry represents a domain found in Escherichia coli UbiB, known in Providencia stuartii as Aarf, which is required for ubiquinone (CoQ) biosynthesis [ (PUBMED:10960098) (PUBMED:9422602) (PUBMED:23709220) ]. Some proteins with this domain are described as aarF domain-containing protein kinases (ADCKs). This domain is also found in yeast ABC1 proteins ( P27697 ) required for function of the mitochondrial bc1 complex [ (PUBMED:1648478) ], in which CoQ functions as an essential cofactor.

The function of these proteins is not clear. Along with ABC1, UbiB is part of a large family of proteins that contain motifs found in eukaryotic-type protein kinases [ (PUBMED:9799791) ], but is not known if they have kinase activity and how this would relate to their requirement for the monoxygenase step in CoQ synthesis. A role in regulation of this step by phosphorylation has been speculated [ (PUBMED:10960098) ].

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