The domain within your query sequence starts at position 54 and ends at position 262; the E-value for the ATP-grasp_2 domain shown below is 9.2e-78.



PFAM accession number:PF08442
Interpro abstract (IPR013650):

The ATP-grasp superfamily currently includes 17 groups of enzymes, catalyzing ATP-dependent ligation of a carboxylate containing molecule to an amino or thiol group-containing molecule [ (PUBMED:9416615) ]. They contribute predominantly to macromolecular synthesis. ATP-hydrolysis is used to activate a substrate. For example, DD-ligase transfers phosphate from ATP to D-alanine on the first step of catalysis. On the second step the resulting acylphosphate is attacked by a second D-alanine to produce a DD dipeptide following phosphate elimination [ (PUBMED:7939684) ].

The ATP-grasp domain contains three conserved motifs, corresponding to the phosphate binding loop and the Mg(2+) binding site [ (PUBMED:8804825) ]. The fold is characterised by two alpha-beta subdomains that grasp the ATP molecule between them. Each subdomain provides a variable loop that forms a part of the active site, completed by region of other domains not conserved between the various ATP-grasp enzymes [ (PUBMED:7862655) ].

The ATP-grasp domain represented by this entry is found primarily in succinyl-CoA synthetases ( EC ).

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