The domain within your query sequence starts at position 380 and ends at position 419; the E-value for the BDHCT domain shown below is 6.4e-25.



PFAM accession number:PF08072
Interpro abstract (IPR012532):

This is a C-terminal domain in Bloom's syndrome DEAD helicase subfamily [ (PUBMED:15112237) ]. The helicase articipates in DNA replication and repair, exhibiting a magnesium-dependent ATP-dependent DNA-helicase activity that unwinds single- and double-stranded DNA in a 3'-5' direction.

GO process:DNA replication (GO:0006260)
GO component:nucleus (GO:0005634)
GO function:hydrolase activity, acting on acid anhydrides, in phosphorus-containing anhydrides (GO:0016818), DNA binding (GO:0003677), ATP binding (GO:0005524)

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