The domain within your query sequence starts at position 132 and ends at position 244; the E-value for the Biliv-reduc_cat domain shown below is 2.6e-55.



PFAM accession number:PF09166
Interpro abstract (IPR015249):

This entry represents the biliverdin reductase, catalytic domain, which adopts a structure ccontaining a six-stranded beta-sheet that is flanked on one face by several alpha-helices. This domain contains the catalytic active site which reduces the gamma-methene bridge of the open tetrapyrrole, biliverdin IX alpha, to bilirubin with the concomitant oxidation of a NADH or NADPH cofactor [ (PUBMED:12079357) ].

GO process:oxidation-reduction process (GO:0055114), heme catabolic process (GO:0042167)
GO function:biliverdin reductase (NAD(P)+) activity (GO:0004074), zinc ion binding (GO:0008270)

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