The domain within your query sequence starts at position 438 and ends at position 502; the E-value for the CBS domain shown below is 6.9e-4.



PFAM accession number:PF00571
Interpro abstract (IPR000644):

CBS domains are small intracellular modules that pair together to form a stable globular domain [ (PUBMED:10200156) ]. Pairs of these domains have been termed a Bateman domain [ (PUBMED:14722609) ]. CBS domains have been shown to bind ligands with an adenosyl group such as AMP, ATP and S-AdoMet [ (PUBMED:14722619) ]. CBS domains are found attached to a wide range of other protein domains suggesting that CBS domains may play a regulatory role making proteins sensitive to adenosyl carrying ligands. The region containing the CBS domains in cystathionine-beta synthase is involved in regulation by S-AdoMet [ (PUBMED:11524006) ]. CBS domain pairs from AMPK bind AMP or ATP [ (PUBMED:14722619) ]. The CBS domains from IMPDH and the chloride channel CLC2 bind ATP [ (PUBMED:14722619) ].

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